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[The Smith / Gallup / Tolhurst / Hartley Cure]

Play For Today

It’s not a case of doing what’s right   It’s just the way I feel that matters   Tell me I’m wrong   I don’t really care

It’s not a case of share and share alike   I take what I require   I don’t understand…   You say it’s not fair

You expect me to act   Like a lover   Consider my moves   And deserve the reward   To hold you in my arms   And wait…   For something to happen

It’s not a case of telling the truth   Some lines just fit the situation   You call me a liar   You would anyway

It’s not a case of aiming to please   You know you’re always crying   It’s just your part   In the play for today



Secrets   Share with another girl   Talking all night in a room   All night   Everything slowing down   I wish I was yours…

Strangers   Nobody knows we love   I catch your eyes in the dark   One look relives the memory   Remember me   The way I used to be


In Your House

I play at night in your house   I live another life   Pretending to swim   In your house

I change the time in your house   The hours I take   Go so slow…

I hear no sound in your house   Silence   In the empty rooms

I drown at night in your house   Pretending to swim…





A Forest

Come closer and see   See into the trees   Find the girl   While you can   Come closer and see   See into the dark   Just follow your eyes   Just follow your eyes

I hear her voice   Calling my name   The sound is deep   In the dark   I hear her voice   And start to run   Into the trees   Into the trees

Into the trees

Suddenly I stop   But I know it’s too late   I’m lost in a forest   All alone   The girl was never there   It’s always the same   I’m running towards nothing   Again and again and again



Hello image   Sing me a line from your favourite song   Twist and turn   But you’re trapped in the light   All the directions were wrong

You’ll fall in love with somebody else   Tonight

Help yourself   But tell me the words   Before you fade away   You reveal all the secrets   To remember the end   And escape someday

You’ll fall in love with somebody else   Again tonight

Take a step   You move in time   But it’s always back…   The reasons are clear   Your face is drawn   And ready for the next attack


At Night

Sunk deep in the night   I sink in the night   Standing alone underneath the sky   I feel the chill of ice   On my face   I watch the hours go by

The hours go by…

You sleep   Sleep in a safe bed   Curled and protected   Protected from sight   Under a safe roof   Deep in your house   Unaware of the changes at night

At night   I hear the darkness breathe   I sense the quiet despair   Listen to the silence   At night   Someone has to be there   Someone has to be there

Someone must be there


Seventeen Seconds

Time slips away   And the light begins to fade   And everything is quiet now   Feeling is gone   And the picture disappears   And everything is cold now   The dream had to end   The wish never came true   And the girl   Starts to sing

Seventeen seconds   A measure of life   Seventeen seconds

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