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Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

2LP Fixh 13/MC Fixhc 13/CD 832 130-2
édition limitée 2LP + 12″ vinyl orange avec 6 extra tracks (b-sides)
Sorti le 01/05/1987

The Kiss(6:17) – Catch(2:42) – Torture(4:13) – If Only Tonight We Could Sleep(4:50) – Why Can’t I Be You?(3:11) – How Beautiful You Are(5:09) – The Snakepit(6:56) – Just Like Heaven(3:30) – All I Want(5:18) – Hot Hot Hot!!!(3:32) – One More Time(4:29) – Like Cockatoos(3:38) – Icing Sugar(3:48) – The Perfect Girl(2:33) – A Thousand Hours(3:21) – Shiver and Shake(3:26) – Fight(4:26)

(Hey You!!! only on cassette and album release)
Hey You!!!(2:24)

Deluxe Edition / CD#2
01. The kiss (Robert Smith home demo)
02. The perfect girl (studio demo)
03. Like cockatoos (studio demo)
04. All I want (studio demo)
05. Hot hot hot !!! (studio demo)
06. Shiver ans shake (studio demo)
07. If only tonight we could sleep (studio demo)
08. Just like heaven (studio demo)
09. Hey you ! (studio demo)
10. A thousand hours (studio alt mix)
11. Icing sugar (studio alt mix)
12. One more time (studio alt mix)
13. How beautiful you are (live bootleg)
14. The snakepit (live bootleg)
15. Catch (live bootleg)
16. Torture (live bootleg)
17. Fight (live bootleg)
18. Why can’t I be you ? (live bootleg)

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